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Male Fashion Influencers You Should Know | Street-Wear

Influencer marketing is the buzz word for brands these days, small businesses and fortune 500 companies alike.  There are several articles covering the premise of this kind of marketing and its advantages over traditional marketing, but there aren't many that tell you helpful tips on finding influencers and what makes a good influencer.  In this article we're listing the 5 heavy hitting male fashion influencers in street-wear and what sets them apart. 

    The self proclaimed "Global Fashion & Lifestyle Curator" has a hefty, highly engaged audience on Instagram, specifically 101,000+ followers. This alone isn't the reason brands in need of a targeted campaign should be reaching out.  Digging deeper into his page you will see that there are over 5,000 posts. Why is this important?  It shows his track record and that he's been in the culture (you want to target) for sometime and his following is authentic.  Need further proof?  Take a look at a few posts.  You'll see his comments average over 50 comments per picture.  It's one thing to have an influencer with a tons of likes per picture, but it's another when you can verify the authenticity and enthusiasm of their following.  Lastly, his page highlights visits of several boutiques across the world.  This shows his reach is international, which is a plus, and that his following is interested in learning about different stores, brands, and boutiques.

    The Youtube sensation turned Nike Global Brand Specialist, turned manager of contemporary boutique, Machus, is next on our list.  While his following is an impressive 88,000+ on Instagram, this is a relatively small benefit in comparison to his YouTube views/subscribers.  Average views are well over 150,000 per video.  What's best here is his proven track record with brands.  Undeniably credited for the enormous growth of Machus, he's also done work with: Villa, Public School NY, Black Market USA, and Jordan Brand just to name a few.    

    His credentials precedes him, also being a former member of team Nike as a Global Digital Marketer, he's worked along side Diamond Supply Company and Karmaloop.  Perhaps most know him from his Instagram community page, @outfitgrid, which has over 700,000 followers at this time.  This influencer resume speaks for himself, and while he may not be the easiest to obtain, Dennis has recently taken the role of "Head of Community" at Niche, a new marketplace for brands to meet influencers.


    "I Make YouTube Videos & Wear Nice Clothes."  This sums up the next creative on our list.  He has an extensive following on Instagram and an equally impressive viewership on YouTube.  Also, co-owner of the streetwear brand, Sample Industries, he has a highly targeted and engaged following.  It's noteworthy to mention that his Twitter account has over 45,000 followers.  Combine this with over 165,000 followers on Instagram and his most popular YouTube videos views totaling over 800,000 views, you can see why he's on our list!

    It's only fitting that he's next on our list, as he's the other half of the streetwear brand, Sample Industries, along with @bull1trc.  Tony's reach is massive with over 80,000 followers on Instagram and a little over 100,000 views on average with his YouTube channel.  We can speak from personal experience here, as we've worked with him in the past.  Just look at the engagement his video produced here.  Yes, that's an impressive 100,000+ views and over 500 comments (an important metric you should keep in mind for engagement gauging).  Keep scrolling through his videos and you'll see he's worked with fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola on their Sprite campaign in Atlanta, GA. 


    Most of our list covers influencers heavily grounded on Instagram and Youtube.  Being that both are content based social media channels, it makes sense as to why followings on these channels usually results in higher engagement and ultimately conversions for brands looking work with influencers. This list isn't all inclusive by any means, so let us know what you think makes a good influencer and others!



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